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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 12, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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p------------------------------- huge price tag.. and if years of investments. hello im jennifee gilbert gilbert in jb... the creattr... of... one of the most... beloved... childrenns characters.... is... under investigation.../// pnvestigation...///. ello, is accused of hving sex wiih an underage oy. the emmy award winning puppeteer whh performm as elmo on sesame street grew up in paltimore county. counny. keith daniels allegations.. keith.clash's -3 keith. jennifer..... we're live on avondale at ááááá in the turner station communiiy. kevvn clash grew up here.. and and friends
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against him.rioos allegationn & &phim. in turner station, the word is out.. kevin clash, a hometownnboy who made good, is now accused of havvng sex with an underage boy. clinnon tatt....(tate))"we're just staying strong, like he's finee ww're not worried about nephew, speaking for the family. tate says his uncle has done nothing wrong. victim.(tate) "ppople try to somebody. he's a big target, it's elmo. everybody knows elmo, so.." lash insisss the allegations are false and at his rrquest, was granted a leave offabsenss from sesame &pstreet to quote.. "take actio aad protect is reputttion." claiming heebeganna exual yeers ago.. when he wws 16 and voiced aad animatee elmm since &pthe 1980'', admits having a
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relationship with the accuser, but says it began when he was an adult. in a statement, class says his relationship wwth thh accuser was "between ddeply saddened that he is trying to make it into somethhng it as not." it's a sordid situation for claah that's stunned more than jjst his family members..... judy haddix.....(haddix) &p"oh no, i don't believe that .......attended duudalk high school with clash.(haddix) "he don't know,,artistic..always anddthere came elmoo." now caught in scandal..(tate) "i'm just going to praa and i &pgood person heis and i don't thrrugh this." s tt be going - seasame street workshop conducted its own investigaaionn.. the company
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calls the allegations against clash "unsubstantiated...." accusse has contacted the same in the jerry sanduukk case. live in ttrnerrstation, &pkeith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. that bbings us to our question plash... he voiceeof elmo should bb iredd faccbook page...a lottof you say he should note be firrd yet...join the discussion by sllsh fox-baltimore a baltimore city police officer is under investigation in a case involving sexual contact wwth a teen. &pteen. melinda roeder.... live... from... the northwest piitricc... headquarters.../ &p here... thee.. officer... was stationed...// stationed...// it's... a... stooy... you're/... seeing... first on fox. fox.sources ell ffxx45 news place aturday at group homee for teenage girls. that the ooficer --who was on duty - respooned to a call regarding having sex with one of the of female resideets during that
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call.tonight - the police commissioner wouldn't comment on most of those etails... because it's still underr investigation. but he did ponfirmmsome information.... informattoo.... -we know the officce is -the teen involved is an n. 18-year-old girl. girl.-the investigaaion began after someooe repooted the incident on unday-there is now a criminalland internnl investigation uuderway undeeway- the officer haa beenn suupendee withouttpaa- the case has beennreferred to thh staae's attorneyyssoffice - to deterrine if hargee will be filedcommissioner anthony batts mmae these remarks during a late-afternooo news confeeence. police ddpprtmentt - commissioner batts says he will not tolerate wrongdoing by officers.llve in northwest baltimore...melinda roeder - fox 45 nees at ten.
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baltimore county police say a involved motorcycle gangs gangsit haapeeed about 1 pesterday a rubber mallet.plaza ffea 3 mallet.poliie arreeted these &ptwo men...brandon quinet of of dunddlk...both men wwre ull - degree assault......and have been released on 125-ttousand the "demon souls" and the e - police are searching for two restaurant manager early - yesterday morning in columbia.. it happened just before 1 a-m at the taco bell near minstrel way and snowden river parkway. the manager was ccnfronted by two men outside the store.they shot him several imes.he was flown to shock traumm where he's listed in critical condition. police on't know theemotive for he shooting. a dozen employees at the &pbaltimmoe deparrment of transportation could lose their jobss.. they're accused of dollars worth of sccap nds
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detailed the allegations in a report released says thousand dollars worth of --- cabbe from the city and b-g-e. according toothe report... ttey sold the stolen goods on city time while using city recommends the wwrrers be fired.their names haven'ttbeen released. leaders ... in... wassington.../ try... to figure out.../ whho.. knew whatá... sudden departure... conneccion... to the attack ...on the consulate... innllbya is... ásaidá... to bee...the woman... who... she's... an..... 3 unpaad liaisoo... to military bases in florida...//. souuces... &preceeved... harassing... e- mails... from biographer... paala broadwell.../ the... woman... wwo had... the afffir...//. but... there are... also questions... surrounding information.... petraeus's pistress ...may hhve known... and shared... about the consulate...
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and... c-i-a... annnx ii libya...///.lissen... to... this part... of aa speech... ábbá... broadwell...// att.. the university... of denver... last month. broadwell says: ""..but the cia annex had pouple of libyan mmlltia members prisoner and they thinn that tte atttck onnthe consulate was an effort to try &pto get these risoners back." back."the... c-i-- says... it... no longer... has the half... a dozen hearings... arr scheduledd.. thii week... on c-i-a... director... mike morrell... is expected take generallpettaeus' place...//// bbt... lawmakers... intend... to... ask petraeus... to... voluntarilyyappear... as a private citizen,.../ or... if necessary.../ force him to testify tonight.... part of east madison street neaa guilford tte lattst massiie water main's a look at the see> as kathleen cairns reports, it haapen innthe piddle of a busy mmnnay morning coomute, affecting people heading downtown. 3 (voice only)"this issmt vernon"
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the pavement on east madison street errpts like a volcano... the water pressure spews everything froo pebblls o pavement... (1st man)man for real....if you ask laugh"theebusted pipeeis 17 feet below the streets &surface jacket)"itt just the pipes are so old" and the water gushes from every crevice.. (voice: falls.."water pours over the center... trapping some et - cars... whileeothers... escape. (james scott))the watee was about right heree.." tte wheels onn james scott's car... were itt i do want to hug it! g proud of her she made it with the waterrrising... - crrws measure the depth...
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(publli works )"were working to shut down aa20 nch main to take some pressure off of thhs" (cairrs)"even this blockkof tte allsway is undeewaa even the sidewalk.. there are more then 38 hundred miles of water more then 50 yrs old. " an ts outside show... thht has center stage worrersswondering how it will effect their in the building right now" - people watch... and document the spectacullr scene city.. comes to tandstill. - (voice only)"water rolllng down the mt vernon: (voice only)"water is the most pooerful force on earth"kc fox 45 news at 10 -3 back llve noo to madisonn tte j-f-x...whereepaul gessser - has been monitoring the wook tonight.paul-- paul--jennifer,this break oo madison was a 30- inch line.3
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just last week, a 60- inch transmissionnline burst about a mile uppthe road from here on charles street.public works repair that.later today, a 16- inch line broke on &pphiladelphia road in essex. that's out in the ccunty, but the city maintains those lines as well.that break affected franklin square hospital and essex community college.a áageá is the main factor.some of these pipes: well over a hundred years old.the city has the city has set old.hundred &pyears old.the city has set
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assdd $300 million dollars pver five years.that will cover 150 miles of the city.he says they re in more need of federal money. purt kkcher, baltimore deptt. of publiccworks: "right now, it's just our own water billss that are paying for thii. water infrastructure worr thht also createssreaa jobs for real eople to do real things &pthat are absolutely necessary that are uite ancienn in mostt cases." less than two miles from thii break, the monument street getting any bettee.heavy e rains have pushed the project back to nnw mid-december. the sinkhooe is also proven to be very costly. the city doubles its estimate to 7-million dollars for repair cost. kocher-- with public works-- says the pipes they are putting in are meant o llst a century.he teels me thee consis
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average of three water main breaks per, they've had óóóóó.reporring from baltimore, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. 3 the... ravvns... had the scoreboard... looking... liie... a... pinball... as... they pounded... the oakland raiderss. and next up, a ddte with their arch-rivals...bruce cunningham joins us ith more... moree.. 33 the baltimore rrvens had a but the offenne is showing it's left no doobt yesterday against the oakland raiders.. yeseteeday, aad the 55 points - they scoredset a teaa recood,, and is also the most ppints scored by any fl team this year...joe lacco threw for 341 yards and thhee
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touchdownss.they alsoogot two touchdowns from their ssecial teams..and that more that offset 422 yards of offensee raidee offense...ravens fans, - this issthe new normal... "this is ravens football. that team that we've played all as year loog. i just really believe that we have to continue staak these weeks as far as practice. you know, &ptransfer to the field. i really believeewe played good ball today.. john harbaugh talks about pteeler the teeps' home ooener tonight...coming up at 10-50 oo sportt unlimited... 3 singll cup coffee maaers are very pppuuar...thh news at ttnid...later on fox45 - (kurtinitis) " every law integrity."the price tag on the dream act.why there may not be a quick nswer to the cost of givinggin-staae
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tutitton to illegal immigrants yllnd 3 3 3 3 could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. hurry in today. america runs on dunkin'. one week after maryland's
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dream actis approved byy voters...local colleges...are now assessing the potential ryyell tells us... coommnity colleges...are expected to see thefirst wave of students law.. nearly 0-thhusaad attend... three campuses...of the communityy collegeof baltimore county.of those...only aafew dozen...aae currently pay utt-ttte tuitiin...which is three timms higherbut by the spping semester....hey'lllbeallowed
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to pay the statt tuition.americaa students we spoke with...are &ppivided... ovvr that newwlaw. &p(student) "i think it's good, it gives everybody a greater education whhih i think they come to the united states for." (student) "i think it's not fair for voters, american citizens say in pennsylvanna who just moveddhere and they have to pay three ttmes the amount, i donnt think that's fair and i don't think that's right."(rydell) tte president of ccbc estimates that the maryland dream act willlhave very little econimic impact, attleaat for the first year, but she says alll mmigrants sho apply to become tudents hhre will be clooely scrutinized under thh new law." ((urtinitis) it can't just be you walk up to the registrar there reelly are a series beccuse it's the law, every law has to be implemented with &pinnegrity."immigrants...who enroll...must have attended a maryland high school for three yeaas...graduated from that high school...and their parents...must have paid.... ptate income hhre
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yeers. (student) "it ddnnt really mattee to me 'cause i'm ppetttng my education and thee're coming here to do the same thing."but immigrants...who qqalify...for discounted tuition... could wind up saving...up to 59-hunnred dollarssa year n tuitioo.a cost thattwill ultimately havv to be bsorbed by thh state and numbers execpted to jump significcntly in a few yearr. in essex, john c.c.b.c.'s president says illegalimmigrants wwll not displace legal residents of baltimore county.....because the "illegals" willl becounted as out-of-state students. maryland voters approved severrl referenddmsson the eleccion... bbt some oo themm woold never ave been up for pubbic vote... if it weren't somm lawmakers areenow questioning wwether the state's requirementssfor prining an issue to refereedum... are too easy opponents needed to collect almost 56-thousand signatures. collected mann more than that. thanks- in part - to the internet. 11:27:21 "so perhaps the
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general assembly might want to rrquest that there actually be physical signatures." - the governor called the petition prrccss too eesy... "petition for referendum"... is one of tte few ways voters have any recourse in a state tonight... new... details... surrounding... a... first on fox investigation.../ followiigg.. our... &pcrime and justice report... friday.../. a... civil rightss.. group... callss.. on... thh baltimore police department... to conduct ... a... full blown investigation...//. ...of it.../ video... posted on facebook... baltimore... police officer...//. crimee and justice reporter... joy lepola ... &pinvestigates... the fallout../ fallout.../// ((pkg)) along side thii picture posted on facebook... a bblttore city police officer who identified himssll as such commented ..."looks like pay day in baatimore". 1:02:55 i'd go as ar as ssyiig the statements quii frankly were racist. reverend c-d
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witherspoon who oversees souuhern hristiaa lladership conference is outraged.... he wants this officer not nny investigatee by reprimanded. &p1:04: 22 thooe senttments could potentialll e leading about a person with that sort of minnset pollcing thee streets of baltimorr city :29 witherspoon ppinting to this case as another reason why the depaarment needs a sociall media policy in placee stand-up 1:36:49 while the southern christian leadership conference prepares to file a complaint with the balttmore city police deet reggrdiig this officer's behavior ... ww making its own reparatioos to fight the establishment of a social meeia poliiy :05tighter not in this country i just &p- &pthinkk t's a llin we should not be crossing. our investigationnaaso uncovvred video from an accident scene... posted on the officer's perssnal and very &ppublic facebbok page. during other comments made on his u 3
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page involve aasuspect and hhw the officer ennjys the power 20:37:48 doesn't that send thht the wrong message to the pommunity esp when the commishh is talking about building phings ike thaa give the agency a bbd name joyy lepola fox 45 news at tenn activvsts... in... knowing whether... any... raccal... discriminiatiin ccmplaints.../ 3&anotherrggrgeous srpingglike . ddy. but i hear there could be rain cominn sson. here's cheif meteorologiss vytts reid with a look at the forecast. 3 3
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we're saying thank you to our viewers with sooe ccsh? we're talking about the fox 45 for your thanksgiving dinneer page... like us... and click k - pn connests. cootests.then... ...
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we'll... ive away... a... 100- dollar gift card... evvey hour... - of the show... / &p ssarting aa 5 a-m. 3 aabus driver... swinns reason he says he took a 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten tens of thousands of doolars to save a baltiiore neeghborhood. if anything's changed after ten years of investments....ii our waste watch cover story... after the break , hey, look! a shooting star!
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on any new volkswagen. it's.... . beenn.. an eyesore... just blocks... from thee.. inner harbor... for years....// that... city officials... have promised... to... re-devel. developpbut now some ppople are questioning if things will ever get better, even though the city is still pending thousands of dollars to improve it. 00:04:34a good haircut that i'm giving y man right here, cost you about $15at he old flavors barbershop in old own mallcustomerr are plentiful 20:09:49"i'm makiig lemons out of lemoiaae""nd conversation, is lively02:16:16"i know when theee were stores everywhere, all up and down here"but some and do business, and it not e, - like that no more"because jst ddwn the strret, sits a ery
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pdfferent mall02:16:25"got my first bed from here when they had the fnriture ssore"vacant buildings and weed illed to decay02:01:44"i can younger, getting ulk fooddng - ironically, it's a decline has invessed huudreds of thousands of dollars to turn recenltyythe ciiy's board of estimates approved eighty phe last remaining business...arounddthe corner and it's ppice tag, that keeps growingsince 2009 the city hhs miilion dollaafs forrthis one move alonebut much of hat the city has spent to earn easy o obtain10:21:45ii'ssnot - a good way for us to be doing busines , these are noo necessaaily secrets"that's dvelopment corporation which is llading the turnaround
10:28 pm
that is....unless we filed a formal public informationnact request t's a practice of being tighh lipped about spending ciiy tax dollarr that i don't that the bdc is very 1 acountbale, they have this sheeld that thhy fell they hbaveebecuase they are not a full govenrment gneyc, their a quusi public,,quasi-private, whatever that is suppose to mean."stokes ssys tte practice of working on projects like old town mall behind the scenes has gone too far10:22;39 uuuing public dolalrs ousl trrapserancy, as much as posibsle, and mor ethna htye are doing right now"even old plavoo arbershop owner aatonio foster, ho works with the bdc, says he has is on questions aaout the city's spending priorties..2:08:16
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"the times we're living inn today, they're using money for other thinnss thee're sidling projects they think aae not really iipprtant. still, while problems like criie persist at old town right story of hope02:02:56"i would like to see them rr-build it, nddbring usiness back here." expectationscould one day add - upp....o a brighher future. 02:09:39"i'm jst goig it ride it out, until it's get's revitalized" &p pe sked booh the b-d-c and theeowner of the hair salon beinggrelocated for comment. comment. e... have yet to hear back... from either. it's our duty to hold elected do that by joining our fox45 waste watch.if you hhve a story about government wwste... caal our hotline...410-662-1456 you can also log onto our weesite fox baltimore dot com and click onnwaste watcc.
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ámethá...credited for fighting doctors say the toxic drug may - prrvide a cure in the futtre. a video you'd thh reason this bus driver said he hit a the consequencesshe's now and - facing. 3 aúó
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&pdriver... whh uupercut... a. female passenger... in september... has been when... aatis hhghes ... - was caughtt punching... the unruly passenner in the face.../. hughes... ccaimed his actions... were in... self defense....after phe wwman pushed him...//. the... cllvvland transit authoritt sayy... they're... thinkkng... more aboot drivers safeeyy../ after... involving... a bus driver and passenger... took place earlier this month. investigators believe they may know what ccused that home explosion in indiana saturday that killed 2 people. too blame..but the fficial bee causeemay ake weeks to figure out.the residents who lived in the home werr not there attthe time because of theebroken purnace. several people wwre injured and at least 29 homes areeunlivable and in danger of collapsing. lance... armstrong... has
10:34 pm
with the... live-strong... foondationn livvetrong spooesperson... confirmed... armstrong... voluntarily resigned... from... the....board of directoos...///. armstrong... the organization... 155 years ago... died... of... testicuuar cancer...///. armstrong... the organization... any further... negative pffects.... as... a... result... of he controversy... surrounding hhs... pycling areer...///. the... move... is... the latest... inn.. thee alloutt.. surrounding allegations... armstrong ...used... performaace- drugs....//. armstrong ... hasnnt... admitted... to using... the substances, .../ he... also chooe... ot to ight... the to charges... against himm residennssin the northeast are two maajr weather events in the past 2 weekk. but getting power ack ssems to be a battleewwth-in itself. many residents in this belle - yorr say they lost everything and are ready to start over. but little rebuilddng can be done without power and gettingg it back is taking a lottlonger than anyone wants. residents are relying on llcal churches to supply them with basic needs.
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"heellst all his toys and hii books. somebody gave him aanew bookbag, becauue he lost hii bookbag."//buut to//"i'm here &pallne. i am here wiihh volunteer doctors ann nurses. i haven't had any input from //butt to//"they're trying to be hellful, but we aven'' seen any help so far." far."at least 29-thousand rrsidents still have no power. crews from as far as phoenix have come to help. veterans day ceremonies continuedtoday around the country...including here in baltimore. huudreds... turned out... at... war... memorial plaza.../ as... veterans... from... all branches of... the... rmed forces... were honored...///. ppeakiig... included... rawlings-blake.../ aad... lieutentant goveenor... anthony brown... &p who... is... also... a... reserves. (brown) "beeause of your service, our nation remains theegreatest naaion in world, pnd we owe ach and veryone of you a debt of gratitude for " that."ll.... governor brownn.. served aa.. touurof duty... in iraq... sevvral
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years ago. 3 3 3
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♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. pheir taxes to go up in 20033
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reeublicans and democrats signaling this week that common grounddmust leaddto comp. compromiseein...
10:43 pm
cuts... 3 balanced... with increases ... to... sseer ccear... of... the... "fiscaa c. &pcliff". a compromised agrrement on taxes is much like staring down a cannon. it fires nll duuk.[david sound ]sot in 1:51 - "it could really be bad for ma we are trying to get out of this economic downturn." trt=:08 [broll of city street pith businesses pictures of houses in share file "housingg bu-10we]ttx increases on corporattons,,small buuiness owners, and payroll is on the &ptable.[broll of parnes --also a top wealth manager]joseph technomart innestment - advisors, was just named one offamerica's top wealth mmnagers.[sst joseph ssund 2] in 12236:02 "can businesses afford, can families afford to pay more money? i am afraid there is not other way." trr=:10 by the sound flowing pff of capitol hiil parres seems to be right on the money. sot john oohner 1 104-wei" because the american common round we areewilling to accept some additional revenues viaatax reform." trt=:07[sot in share folder
10:44 pm
harry rrid po-74 we]sot inn "there was a meesage sent to us by the amerrcan peoppe based on the campaign and that is - peopll aking all this little bit more."trt=:06[broll of estate tax boo -- homes ] could streech well beyond. s - changes to the tax codee esttte tax, capitol gains and ividdnds are all ffir ggme. even a tax break that has saved hundreds f thousands of struggling homeowners from payyng thousands to theeirs since 2007 could cease. who comes out on the shortest end of the sttck?[josephhparres sound 2] sot n 12:38:42 "it's normally the average people, because when you have tax increaaes it filterr down." just this week... the... &preported... that... the... federal budget deficit... ffr the 20--12 fiscal year.../ &pone... trillion dollars... fo you heard ittmany times prior to last tuesday -- turnout deccdes elections. but in some places -- the reportee drawing attention. & 20 of ppiladelphia's 66-wards... ...the rrsident wwn at least
10:45 pm
we coold say that in ing up, - 13-philadelphia wards...... mr. obama capturedd 9-percent. the "phiiadelphia iiquirer" reports hat g-o-p nominee mitt romney failed to wards....and some prtt of witnessed áturnnutt rates exceedingg90-percent... ...arousing suupicions that something other than brotherly love was at work. smith sayss "in some preeincts in philadelphia, iithink you're going to see, as they finish, you know, the official ccunt, iithink you're going to see places where there are &pprecinct than aatually signed innat the poll bbok." booo."barone says: "ii on't finddit hard to believe that there are neighborhoods in the united states here president obama got 97- o 99-percent of theevote. but, uh, tte turnout ssspicious. philadelppia's y been a place that's had ssme preety, uh, irregulaa ellccton procedures in the past." past."...aad n florida... ..., incumbent republican 3
10:46 pm
congressman allen west is recount of early vooing that shrank the total nnmbers for democraaic challenger, patrick murphyy still, murphy was still aheaa district-widee by poont-5-7-perceet... auuooatic recount. mothers-to-be... who have... the flu... or... prolonged fever.../ slightly increaaed risk... of... having a child... pith autism. researchers ... asked &pmore than 100-thousand pregnant womee... about their history... of influenza ... pregnancy...//. children oo mothers... who reported having the flu... while pregnant ... were... twice as likely... to develop week or ore... átripledá... theerisk....// experts... say... the risk extremely small however.. a... toxic drug... is... now being credited... with fighting the flu...///. according to ressarchers... in taiwan... ámethá... is proven oofight doctor... recommennssyou
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since... it kills....brain cells... and... weakens the heartt.. / but... reeearchers say... tte study... may... help... find.../ 3 it's the bggest week f the pear...steellr wwek..what john harbaugh saas makes this the best rrvally in football... next in sports unlimited... those single serve coffee makers seem to be eeerywhere these days.we'll show you which ones are best..... for the best price cominn up.aúó encouraging opener friday
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night against kentucky, maryland's terrapi ns wwre back in the friendly confines collegepark, in heii home opener againnt morehead staaee out of tte ohio valley conferenc e... 1st half....erps up 7... pe'shon howaad lobs it to dez wells for the alley-oop... wellsshad 8 points...maryland led by 14 at the break....2nn half...balttmore native nick faust drills the three...he maryyand upp 4....later...... wells rives...nice feed tt james padgett...the senior big &pman lays ii in...terppsby 155. .a minute later...freshman seth allen with the steal... takes it back for the fluss... of the year....67-45 ovvr wii - the ravens haa to have loved - win ver oaalann...and rightty so...just about everything peet right..but hey know it's time to put it aside...nothing is gonna be easy about next wee.
10:51 pm
week.. sunday night, with the entire nation watching,,the ravens willlmeet the arch-rival steelers for the as alwaas, it's a verr bii dd - game..the steelers can tieethh ravens for the divisional lead pan build themselvee a wogame pead with a win...even more important now that we'rr into november..there is a lot at ptake this sunddy night. "if you love football, there's no greaterrplace to be. playing there in that great organnzation,,those games have allays been great gamees we've rivalry. we're excited to go play ii, we always are. we respect them and we love suspect they feel the same way." &palex len naaed acc player of tte umbc's homm openerr..coming up at 11-30 on phe late edition... 3
10:52 pm
a... release date ... is... been... set... for... the lattet blackberry... operating system and phhnee...// the... blackberry... 10...// will e launched... january p0tt../. to... rim's website. the... new operating several... .. blaccberry 10 ... software ....nd phhnes ... p into... closee competitioon.. with apple ...and google..../blackberryy runs on less than perceet f ppple and androod own 90 percent of the market little early for many retailers. and toyssr-us are... dding its name to the growing list of companies opeeing to shoppers before black fridaa. target will open its doors at 9 p-m. and toys-r-us is opening at 8 p-m. last ear. k-mart and walmart are among the other ssoree that also announced they're open to shoppers thanksgiviig day. 3&single-servee.. poffeemakers... are... gaining in... 3
10:53 pm
&ppopularity... / wants a piece oo the market - patrice sanders explaans... &pconsumer reports just tested the onn from starbbcks... along with nearly tto dozen others. they cost anywhere from 25 to 3-hundred dollars. ((pat on cam))like many peeple who've switched to a singge-serve coffeemaker,,amy perner values tte peed and convenience. (natsot: pod maahine) (sot: amm werner) thhre, pop the button, and go." ((/o)consumer reports tested 21 od offeemakers from names coffee.also tested, the new - single-serve veeismo machine from tarbucks that starts at "single-serve coffeemmkers are how fast you'll get that ffrst - cup of coffee in the morning." (v/o)theefastest will rush yyu your caffeine in about a
10:54 pm
minutt. but this one from hamilton beach took thrre minutes o deliver that first verismo machhne - you cannmakk starbuckk' espresso, cafa latte, nd brewed coffee a but it's pricey. (soo: bob parkovich)"for a coffeemaker rrally very bbsic. for example, youucan't adjust brew strength, and the manual says you shoull flush the machine (v/o)far better for less, sayss consumer repprtt, is a 150- dollar one from delooggi - the nnscafa ddlce gusto circoll. it brews a cup ii a minute andd maaes cappuccinos, espressos, be aware - buying a pod .á but machine is just the beginning. (natsoo: cofffe dripping)(sott expensive, up tooa dollar a be - is worth it.((pat on cam))ii - yoo want a smmller pod coffeemaker that takes up ess reeorts recommendd aaother delonggi in tte nescafa dolce gusto line. it's he piccooo patrice sanders, fox45 news at ten. a ttxas company has turned
10:55 pm
collecting rainwaaer into a booming businnss. business.this may llok like an ordinary roof....but at 18- thousaan square feet...rain ffows from this it into one of 11 stooage tanks.thh rain tten gets purified and sold as drinking water. llst year the pompany sold to nearly 180 different clients...this yyars its close to 3-hundred. their say you wouldn't want to drink anything else. &p"it's a good way to if yyu're trying to get off soda, just drink a bunch of this water, and evennually, the nned for so succeesful the saint louis rrmm are now buying it. a surprise at the eed of the finishhllne. why one woman ...ann coming up in just 5 . minutes on the late edition... edition... granny fiihts back.hhw this tables on a big bad wolf. &3
10:56 pm
and red tape for the man in a santa beeame a victim of governmentt breaacracy. on us!your chance to win a 100
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
dollar visa giftcard.. thousands... san antonio ... over the weekend.... for... the city's marathon. but one of thh best moments of the race ccmeeat the finiih
10:59 pm
line...and it wasn't tte winner. the 5-th annual san antonio &peveryooe in the crowd seemed - to be lookkng for someone especially this maa. sergeant jonathan gillis just came back from afghanistan. his wife is running in the half marathon pnd he hasn't seen her since last january.when she finally got to the finnsh line she had no idea he was there. pi can't eeplain it. i just really miss my wife i'm just glad 'm home.""i wanted to cry before ecause i wanted him to be here so bad. its nice that he's heree" here."everyone cheered they eunited. the couple as - "the system is like 110 yeaas old. or better hey need to fix it!" it!" anothhr major
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